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Talking about Mac security, most Mac users would often wonder why on earth they need an antivirus application for their Mac system. Although the Mac OS X itself has built-in protection against malware, viruses and other threats, an antivirus application is still needed. This is evident why Norton and Kaspersky have already created solutions for Mac systems. When it comes to protecting the Mac system, the MacKeeper Antivirus is one of the best recommended applications.

Still doubtful about installing an antivirus application for your Mac?
Let’s find out why you need it.

The more time you spend online, the more online threats your Mac is exposed to. Some of the possible activities that can affect your system’s security include the following:

  1. 1.Online banking and filing of taxes
  2. 2.Purchasing goods online
  3. 3.Participating in online auctions
  4. 4.Booking travel arrangements online
  5. 5.Downloading movies, music, games and others
  6. 6.Downloading freeware applications
  7. 7.Using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  8. 8.Sharing files on the network
  9. 9.Using instant messaging
  10. 10.Signing up for newsletters
  11. 11.Playing online games
  12. 12.Viewing adult sites
  13. 13.Watching TV shows online
  14. 14.Looking for promos and coupon deals online

All these activities are normal for anyone and quite innocent but still there are threats behind all of them. In order to protect your Mac it’s recommended to use a good antivirus. MacKeeper’s Antivirus has been crafted to the security needs of a Mac - so your system will surely be protected from different kinds of threats.

MacKeeper Antivirus Benefits

One of the benefits MacKeeper can offer is dual protection. This means that the Mac system will be protected both from Windows and Mac OS threats. There are a lot of antivirus applications besides MacKeeper but most of them don’t offer protection against Windows threats. In addition to this, if you compare the prices, MacKeeper is undoubtedly worth purchasing. It comes with other features and at a lower price compared to other antivirus applications.

MacKeeper Antivirus Features

MacKeeper's antivirus has been crafted to the security needs of a Mac - so your system will surely be protected from different kinds of threats. To put it simply, it is your Mac’s 911 because this all-in-one package application keeps your Mac not only secure but also clean and optimized. It also takes care of your important data and protects your system from different threats as well as theft issues.

MacKeeper Antivirus will protect your Mac from the following:

  1. 1.Windows and Mac OS viruses
  2. 2.Identify theft
  3. 3.Phishing attacks
  4. 4.Viruses passed on from one user to another
  5. 5.Fraudulent sites
  6. 6.Unsafe downloads
  7. 7.Threats from external devices
  8. 8.Threats from spam and emails
  9. 9.Mac spyware
  10. 10.Mac malware

How does MacKeeper Antivirus Work?

After the application is installed, MacKeeper will immediately start protecting your system. Once the threat is detected, it will be permanently removed from the system to ensure the high security level.

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To use MacKeeper Antivirus:

  1. 1.Click Antivirus on MacKeeper’s navigation bar.
  2. 2.In the Scan section, click the Start Scan button.
  3. 3.Wait until the scanning process is finished and see the results.
  4. 4.To scan individual folders such as Applications, click the Start Custom Scan button, select the Applications folder and click Open.

If MacKeeper detects some malware, do the following:

  1. 1.Expand the virus list in the Status section.
  2. 2.Select the files to be removed.
  3. 3.Click either Move to Quarantine or Delete to remove the infected files.

Use the Schedule section to scan the system anytime according to the time you set:

  1. 1.Expand the Schedule section.
  2. 2.Click Add.
  3. 3.Choose the application and click Open.
  4. 4.Select the scheduling interval – Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly – and set it up according to your needs.
  5. 5.When ready, click OK to save the changes.

Make your built-in Mac OS X security even more powerful with MacKeeper Antivirus that will protect your system from different kinds of threats.

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Protect your Mac from Thieves

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MacKeeper’s capabilities are not limited by antivirus and hard drive cleanup — it can do much more for your Mac system. Besides Antivirus, MacKeeper has another security feature called Anti-Theft. Let’s find out why your Mac must have it.

Sometimes we tend to leave our property unattended, putting it at risk of theft. This also refers to laptops. If the worst happens and your Mac gets stolen, the Anti-Theft feature will identify your Mac’s location once it goes online and send a report that will serve as your evidence. Moreover, you can also get a picture of a person that stole your Mac because the Thief Snapshot option will be automatically activated once you report the theft. But the main benefit of MacKeeper’s Anti-Theft that sets it apart from the competition is its availability round the clock. Once your Mac is found, you will be contacted by the customer support at any time of day or night!

MacKeeper Anti-Theft Features

Let’s take a detailed look at Anti-Theft’s features.

Location Report: Shows you the current location of your Mac based on Wi-Fi details. This feature will check the alert status of the Mac, create a report that includes the IP address and other network connection details, and send the report to you by email. The location report is a solid piece of evidence that will help you retrieve your Mac.

Thief Snapshot: Provides you with the photo of the thief that stole your Mac. If your Mac has a webcam, it will take a snapshot every five minutes once the computer goes online. The pictures will be sent to you along with the location report.

How does MacKeeper Anti-Theft Work?

The Anti-theft service will easily track down the lost Mac and even capture the thief using the webcam. All you need to do is:

  1. 1.Navigate to the My Account page of the MacKeeper website or directly to account.kromtech.com.
  2. 2.Under Services, click Anti-Theft.
  3. 3.If Anti-Theft is not active yet, click Change Status to activate it.
  4. 4.Enter your phone number in the registration form filed.
  5. 5.Click Computer was stolen.
  6. 6.Once your Mac goes online, you will get a location report generated by Anti-Theft together with the thief snapshot. The copy of the report will also be send to the customer support department.
  7. 7.The customer support representative will contact you on the phone and give you the details of how you can get back your stolen Mac.
  8. 8.If you are not available on the phone, you will get the above mentioned details by email along with the location report.

With MacKeeper Anti-Theft service you will have your own watch dog against thieves. You system will be protected not only from online threats but also from criminals that try to steal your Mac. Protect your Mac system today with MacKeeper!

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