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MacKeeper’s Optimization feature set might be simple at first glance but actually these features perform a lot of tasks that optimize your Mac’s performance. Login Items may speed up your Mac by removing the unneeded apps from the startup list, whereas Default Apps speed up the access to your files by assigning the right applications to open them with. But the most powerful tool here is Update Tracker. Let’s see what it can do.

MacKeeper Update Tracker Features

MacKeeper Update Tracker can easily gather updates of your applications in one place without the need to check them one by one. It will mark your applications with different colors: red marks mean that the app is already outdated, whereas the green ones inform you that the app is up to date. With just a single click you can download a new version for each outdated app or for all of them at once. Simple as that!

If you have apps that are frequently updated, you can add them to the Favorite list to get updates for them in the first place. On the contrary, if you don’t need the updates for specific apps, you can add them to the Blacklist.

How does MacKeeper Update Tracker Work?

To get updates for your apps with Update Tracker:

  1. 1.Click Update Tracker on MacKeeper’s navigation bar.
  2. 2.To update all applications marked with red, click the Update All button.
  3. 3.To update specific applications one by one, you have to select each of them from the list and click the Update button for each app.
  4. 4.Wait until the updates are available for download.
  5. 5.To move an application to the Favorite list, click the star icon next to this application’s name in the list.
  6. 6.To move an application to the Blacklist, right-click the application’s name in the list and select Move to Blacklist from the menu.

Outdated applications will no longer be a problem for you and your Mac with MacKeeper Update Tracker. With it your apps will be always fresh and up-to-date. And other MacKeeper’s tools and utilities for optimization, cleaning, data control and security will take care of your Mac as well, as MacKeeper is a bundle application that can be compared to a 911 service. Get it now and see for yourself!

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Boost Mac OS X Login Time

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MacKeeper’s Optimization toolset is aimed at keeping your Mac’s performance at the highest possible level. It includes three tools – Update Tracker, Login Items and Default Apps. Update Tracker checks all your apps for new versions available, Login Items manages your Mac’s startup list, and Default Apps connects files with applications that open these files. You can learn more about Update Tracker and Default Apps on their individual pages, and now we will take a closer look at Login Items.

More about Login Items

If you ever noticed that it takes quite a long time for your Mac to log in, then you should consider MacKeeper’s Login Items feature. This feature is very simple, but it can significantly increase your Mac’s speed during startup. All you have to do is open the Login Items list and remove the apps you don’t want to automatically start up.

How does MacKeeper Login Items Work?

To use Login Items:

  1. 1.Click Login Items on MacKeeper’s navigation bar.
  2. 2.Select the applications you don’t need to pop up during your Mac’s login.
  3. 3.Click Remove.
  4. 4.On the contrary, you can add the apps you want to be launched upon startup using the Add button.

If you are already experiencing Mac performance related problems such as cluttered hard drive and increased login time, it’s about time you clean and optimize your Mac system using MacKeeper’s tools and utilities. When it comes to login problems, MacKeeper’s Login Items tool can handle the applications that you want to remove from your startup list.

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Choose an application to open a file with.

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When you download new apps to your Mac, they often tie themselves to specific files. As a result these files are automatically opened with these new apps, even if you used other apps before. To solve this problem once and for all you should use MacKeeper’s Default Apps tool. It displays all available file extensions as a list, and you can easily assign a specific app to each extension.

How does MacKeeper Default Apps Work?

You can choose applications to open a file using MacKeeper’s Default Apps tool and this is quite easy. This tool shows the relationship between file extensions and applications that can open them. All you need to do is select the application next to the file type and change it with the right application for it. This is rather easy than browsing the long list of applications.

To use Default Apps:

  1. 1.Click Default Apps on MacKeeper’s navigation bar.
  2. 2.Click the pop-up button near the needed file extension.
  3. 3.Put a tick near the application you want this file to be opened with.

If you are confused with your files and apps that open them, use MacKeeper’s Default Apps tool to sort things out. If you experience other problems, such as slowdowns, crashes, security issues etc, or just want to avoid these problems on your Mac, then MacKeeper is the right choice for you, as it is a 911 app for your Mac. Download it now and see how powerful it is!

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