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Clean your Mac quickly and safely.

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When you remove an application from your Mac, very often its leftovers stay on your Mac's hard drive and mess it up. It's not a big deal when you have enough space on the hard drive but with time this junk may slow down your Mac and affect its performance. This problem may be solved by performing a full cleanup with MacKeeper's Fast Cleanup tool.

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MacKeeper Fast Cleanup Features

Cleaning Mac computers is quite easy these days if you have a powerful tool at hand that will do the process for you. MacKeeper is one of the best recommended tools for your Mac. It can do more than just remove unnecessary registry entries, cache files, temporary files and others. All of these files can consume disk space and may even slow down system performance. However, they can be easily removed with MacKeeper's Fast Cleanup tool.

Fast Cleanup uses four cleaners to detect and remove different types of junk: Binaries Cutter, Cache Cleaner, Logs Cleaner, and Languages Cutter. It will easily scan your Mac's hard drive for logs, caches, language packs and binaries, enabling you to remove them with just a single click.

How does MacKeeper Fast Cleanup Work?

Fast Cleanup easily removes the following types of junk:

  1. 1.Cache and log files: Such files appear when you actively use your apps and can consume a lot of disk space. You can delete these files using your Mac's Library, but better leave it to MacKeeper that will detect and remove these files with just a couple of clicks.
  2. 2.Universal binaries: Most Mac apps are programmed to run both under the two types of processors - either PowerPC or Intel. Such apps consist of two parts, where you might need one and disregard another. You can delete useless parts with the Terminal utility, but a faster and easier way is to use MacKeeper.
  3. 3.Interface languages: Mac apps use a lot of interface languages most of which you will never need. You can delete these localizations from each app, but MacKeeper will remove all of them at once.

Why Use MacKeeper?

The main advantage of MacKeeper over similar freeware applications is that it offers an all-in-one package. You don't need to install other applications in order to clean all other junk files in the system. In just a single click MacKeeper will put away with all types of clutter on the hard drive. Finally, the customer support is open 24/7 every time you have any other technical questions.

Download the trial version of MacKeeper and see for yourself how powerful it is for your Mac.

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Easily Detect large files on your hard drive.

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MacKeeper acts as a 911 for your Mac because everything that you want for your Mac is already here in one application. MacKeeper is quite a special app: it is actually a bundle of tools that perform different functions on your Mac. One of such tools is Disk Usage that shows you how much disk space your Mac is consuming.

MacKeeper Disk Usage Features

MacKeeper's Disk Usage tool belongs to the Cleaning feature set. However, its main purpose is not cleaning but giving the users information about how much disk space they've already used. With Disk Usage you can easily see which items take more disk space than others, and decide what to do next. Disk Usage has the following remarkable features:

  • Displaying the file names with color highlights, where each color corresponds to the specific file size range.
  • Ability to switch between the two views: Column and List.
  • Quick Look support.
  • Drag and drop support.

Once you've explored your hard drive with Disk Usage, you can delete the useless items with other tools from MacKeeper's Cleaning toolbox – Fast Cleanup, Duplicates Finder, or Smart Uninstaller. But disk cleanup is only a small part of what MacKeeper can do.

Why Choose MacKeeper?

MacKeeper is an all-in-one maintenance utility tool for your Mac. It includes more than 16 must-have security, data control, cleaning and optimization features. It can do everything from tracking down your lost Mac to recovering your lost files to analyzing and cleaning your hard drive. MacKeeper is easy to use and comes with affordable price so it is really worth trying. Go ahead - try MacKeeper on your Mac today and reap the benefits afterwards.

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Safely Uninstall Mac Apps Without
Leaving Junk Leftovers Behind.

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Mac users often get frustrated when they uninstall their applications. The reason is that a lot of unnecessary files, such as caches, logs and preference panes, are still left behind after moving the apps to the Trash. With MacKeeper's Smart Uninstaller tool removing applications and other associated files can be done quickly and easily.

MacKeeper Smart Uninstaller Features

MacKeeper Smart Uninstaller can remove applications and their associated files from the hard drive as if they never existed before. What makes Smart Uninstaller far better than AppZapper and AppDelete is that it uses the Column view that shows you the deeper details on applications you want to delete. Other benefits are:

  1. 1.Handling not only applications but also widgets, preference panes and plugins.
  2. 2.Showing a full list of apps located on your Mac.
  3. 3.Showing the amount of space taken by your apps.
  4. 4.Automatic selection of all components belonging to a specific app.
  5. 5.Quick Look support.
  6. 6.Drag and drop support.

How does MacKeeper Smart Uninstaller Work?

To entirely delete an application, do the following:

  1. 1.Go to the Smart Uninstaller page.
  2. 2.In Smart Uninstaller's work area, select the items you want to remove.
  3. 3.Click Remove to completely dispose of the apps and their components.

Why choose MacKeeper Smart Uninstaller?

Many Mac applications don't have their own uninstallers, and trashing does not completely remove them. Special Terminal scripts can be used to erase such applications, but there's a painless alternative called Smart Uninstaller. It shows the applications, widgets, preference panes and plugins, analyzes the disk space taken by them and completely removes them all.

In addition to Smart Uninstaller MacKeeper offers a whole bunch of other features such as drive cleaners, data recovery, backup and a whole lot more at a very reasonable price. Download MacKeeper now and reap the benefits of it on your Mac computer afterwards.

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Find and remove duplicate files.

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Now and then you create a lot of useless file clones along with the original files. With time these copies pile up on your Mac's hard drive and waste the valuable space. It's rather difficult to remove these copies manually. However, MacKeeper does everything to make the life of a Mac user easier, that's why its Cleaning feature set includes the Duplicates Finder tool.

How does Duplicates Finder Work?

Duplicates Finder scans all files on your Mac's hard drive for available copies, even the renamed ones. To use the tool:

  1. 1.Click Duplicates Finder on MacKeeper's navigation bar.
  2. 2.Wait until the tool scans all files on your Mac.
  3. 3.The scan results appear as a list, each element of which you can expand to view the duplicates. You can preview the files with Quick Look and search for specific files using the Filter.
  4. 4.When the copies are selected, click Remove, and all of them will be moved to Trash. You can also scan a specific file for duplicates by dragging it to the tool's work area.

As you see, the tool is quite simple; however, it does a complex job that would have taken hours if done manually.

Why Choose MacKeeper to Clean Your Mac?

Besides Duplicates Finder, MacKeeper offers more hard drive cleanup and disk space management tools that will come in very handy to every Mac user. For example, Fast Cleanup includes four drive cleaners aimed at different sources of useless files, whereas Smart Uninstaller completely removes unneeded apps and their components. But MacKeeper is not only a cleaning utility – actually, it is a bundle application that offers more than 16 unique tools and services for your Mac. Download MacKeeper to make your Mac clean, protected and attended.

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Quickly find any files.

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Mac system is already equipped with utilities that can look up any file you need. But searching for certain files with Mac OS X Spotlight utility will take quite a long time. Moreover, if you don't remember the filename, then you have very small chances to find the file.

MacKeeper Files Finder this is another matter. It neatly and simply filters and arranges files that you want to look for. If you cannot remember the file name you can specify other criteria that will help you locate the file. You can also create your own search parameters.

How does MacKeeper Files Finder Work?

MacKeeper Files Finder will scan and locate any type of files that you have on your Mac's hard drive. It also enables you to locate the files according to custom settings and parameters. You can choose among the Files Finder presets to quickly search for:

  • Video files
  • Audio files
  • Photos
  • Archives
  • Applications

You can also use the Custom Presets form to create your own filters.

MacKeeper Files Finder is a simple tool that exceeds the limitations of Mac OS X Spotlight utility, making the file search a quick and pleasant procedure.

What Makes Mackeeper Special?

Files Finder is only one of many tools and utilities included in MacKeeper software bundle. Simple and efficient, MacKeeper has everything a Mac user may ever need. Its features range from hard drive cleanup to file recovery to locating the stolen computer. And the friendly customer support representatives are available 24/7, ready to solve any technical issue.

Download a trial version today to experience all of MacKeeper's benefits for free!

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Fast Cleanup

Clean your Mac quickly and safely.

Disk Usage

Detect large files on your hard drive.

Smart Uninstaller

Uninstall Mac Apps without leaving junk behind.

Duplicates Finder

Find and remove duplicate files.

Files Finder

Quickly find any files.